Sewer and Drain Service in Cincinnati

Also Serving Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana

Having a sewer or drain problem?

That’s one of the most challenging headaches you can have as a homeowner.

If you’re having a sewer stoppage issue, it pretty much stops your life!

In our area, there are a number of old homes and it is not uncommon for them to have drainage issues. The one thing you want to avoid is having a messy excavation in your yard to dig up the old sewer and replace it. Let us service all of your sewer and drain needs in Cincinnati and surrounding areas!


At HELP™, we have Trenchless Technology™, a system that magically gives you a new Waste Removal System (sewer) without touching a blade of grass in your yard. So, call the experts at HELP™ and have us do a Pipe Vision™ which will show you with your own eyes exactly how you can save your yard with HELP’s Trenchless Technology™.

At HELP™, each one of our technicians receives over 200 hours of training each year.

We are conveniently available 8-8 Never Late, 7 days a week, with over 1,000 time slots available a week for you to choose from. We’re here when YOU need us!

Your Cooling Technician will treat your home with respect. We will leave your home Cleaner than we Found It… GUARANTEED!

Whatever you have a problem with, call HELP™ and we will take care of it.