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AC Repair in Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

If you have an AC system in your Cincinnati-area home, you know that it plays a crucial role in maintaining your home’s comfort level. However, you may wonder what to do if your system ever needs repair. If you’re looking for local professionals who are seasoned in AC tune-ups and repair, look no further than HELP Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drains.HVAC repair technician repairing AC unit

Our technicians receive over 200 hours of specialized training each year, making them experts in all things AC repair and maintenance – we even include AC repair as part of our HELP Club Membership! No more stressing about issues with your home’s system: Just give HELP Cooling a call. We provide all our customers with fast, reliable emergency repair services, available seven days a week!

Need AC repair in your Cincinnati home? Contact us online today to speak with one of our knowledgeable cooling system experts & schedule your appointment!  

Benefits of Annual AC Repair in Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

AC systems are an extremely effective way to cool your home, so it’s important to keep them operating at peak performance. By enrolling in our HELP Club, our technicians will take the guesswork out of your system’s life span by providing regular tune-ups and repair. Regular AC repair is beneficial for a number of reasons, including:  HVAC technician performing air conditioning maintenance repair

  • Fewer system breakdowns: With regular tune-ups and cleaning, normal wear and tear on your AC system will be addressed before it has the chance to escalate into larger system problems.
  • Lower costs and more savings: Because routine AC repairs prevent breakdowns and promote energy efficiency, homeowners can save on two fronts — avoiding repair costs and lowering monthly energy bills.
  • Longer-lasting systems: With fewer breakdowns and repairs over the years, your AC system will typically last much longer, possibly for years longer than if it were poorly maintained.

Signs Your AC System Needs Repairs

If you think your AC system isn’t performing quite as well as it should, you may be in need of professional repair. There are some telltale signs you have a broken air conditioner on your hands, including:

  1. Your air is not blowing cold. If your system is working overtime to keep your temperatures comfortable, this could mean you are leaking refrigerant, you have condenser issues, or you have a leaky duct.
  2. Your airflow is poor. If your system’s fan is having problems pushing cool air through the ductwork, the issue could range from a dirty air filter to a bad motor, or even a faulty fan control board.
  3. Your AC is making strange noises. AC systems are designed to run quietly, so if you’re hearing odd noises, it’s a sure sign that things are amiss. Screeching, grinding, or banging noises can indicate that there’s a problem inside the unit (such as a broken component, loose belts, or general debris).
  4. Your AC system is producing strange smells. There are a number of reasons for bad smells emanating from your AC system, from pest infiltration to burned-out wire insulation, or even mold growth. These should be dealt with quickly, as they could impact the health of everyone in your home.
  5. Your thermostat reading is wrong. Sometimes the problem can be found with your thermostat rather than your system. If your home’s temperature differs vastly from your thermostat reading, contact one of our cooling experts to have your thermostat looked at.
  6. Your energy bill is higher than usual. While your utility bill will vary, and often increase, you shouldn’t see a huge, unexplainable leap in costs in the warmer months. If your energy bill has spiked from one season to the next, this is a good indicator that you should have things checked out by an expert.
  7. Your system is short-cycling. If your AC is continuously starting up, running briefly, and then shutting down, your system is short-cycling. There are various reasons this could be happening, and sometimes the solution is as easy as replacing your filter. It’s recommended that homeowners replace their air filter every three months. If this doesn’t solve the problem, seek help from the professionals.

Why Call HELP for AC Repair?

Our technicians are trust-certified, receiving over 200 hours of specialty training every year, and they will treat your home with the utmost care and respect – always leaving it cleaner than they found it! They will arrive on time and can be easily identified with proper name badges, vehicles, and professional uniforms.HELP expert hvac technicians

It feels good to have a plan of action in the event that things go awry with your air conditioning system, especially during the warm summer months. HELP Cooling offers prompt AC repair services seven days a week, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee – so you can rest assured that our friendly experts will get your air conditioning system in working order quickly!

Don’t lose sleep over your home’s broken air conditioner! Contact HELP Cooling today to schedule your air conditioning repair in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, or Indiana!

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