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Why You Should Have Your New Home’s HVAC System Inspected


Your new home has an HVAC system for heating and cooling your house. An HVAC system allows you to experience cleaner air quality in the home, more reliable temperatures (without having to adjust the thermostat yourself all the time), and energy use savings.

Before you use your new home’s heating and air conditioning system, have a professional HVAC specialist take a look at your units. Here are reasons why you should have your HVAC system checked before use in your new home.

Your HVAC System May Need New Filters

How long did your new home stay on the market before you bought the property? If your residence remained untouched for months, the HVAC system is likely to have been left off that entire time (or only turned on periodically during open houses).

Your new home’s HVAC system provides clean air for your family by filtering debris through replaceable filters. If the home was left vacant for a long time, dust, allergens, and other debris have likely collected in the stagnant HVAC system.

Hire an HVAC specialist to thoroughly check your heating and air conditioning units to ensure their safe operation before you turn the units on. Air filters will likely be replaced at this time to provide cleaner air when you control the temperatures in your home. Ask your HVAC specialist if ducts and air vents need to be cleaned as well, particularly if you are worried about allergens.

You May Not Know How to Use the HVAC System

Hire a professional to inspect your HVAC system and show you how to safely operate your units. Your specialist can tell you how often you should have your HVAC system inspected (twice a year is average) and what key signs to look for that can tell you if your system isn’t operating like it should.

Your HVAC System May Be Broken

A home inspector may have passed off the HVAC system in your new home, but that doesn’t mean either your air conditioner or heater is fully functional. An HVAC specialist is a skilled professional who understands how heaters and air conditioners work, unlike a traditional home inspector who does a general inspection of the entire home’s operation. A home inspector may miss key functions in an HVAC system that can affect its overall performance.

The HVAC system might have thermostat issues, problems with air flow, or other costly conditions that the previous owner didn’t know about or failed to inform you of. To avoid potentially costly repairs or replacement of your HVAC system in your new home, have your units fully inspected prior to turning the AC or heat on in your new home.

Your HVAC System May Need Upgraded

Many energy-efficient HVAC systems are on the market today that allow for better air quality and better electricity savings than older models. If you are unsure of how old your new home’s HVAC system is, a professional heating and cooling specialist can tell you whether the unit should be upgraded to better suit your family’s needs.

If you turn your system on and notice smoke, a burning odor, or see clouds of dust coming from your home’s ducts or vents, turn off the unit right away and call an HVAC specialist. The problem could lie in the unit not being used for several months, or the problem could be more serious.

Your HVAC system can be a reliable source of temperature control in your new home. The best way to ensure the health of your new heating and air conditioning units is to call a specialist to inspect them. Our team of professionals at HELP is here to assist you in all your HVAC needs. all us today to schedule an inspection.

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