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Winter Triggers Added Stress on Plumbing


Winter months can bring the most stress to your home’s plumbing system. The harsh, cold temperatures, holiday cooking, and extended use can lead to a number of unwelcomed plumbing issues. By following these easy, do-it-yourself steps you can protect your plumbing system from the harsh cold and the increased use that the winter can bring.

  • Turn Off Outside Spigots: Close the shut-off valves on the inside pipes that lead to the outdoor spigots. Check the outdoor spigots for leak. Remove hoses, drain any water from them, and store until the spring. Any water residual water can freeze, leading to cracked or burst pipes.
  • Run the Water: Be sure to run water everywhere in the home throughout the winter. During the very cold days, let the cold water drip through your faucets. This will keep the water moving through the pipes and help prevent any freezing that may occur.
  • Insulate the Pipes: Use foam pipe insulation to wrap both the hot and cold water lines. Insulate any of the plumbing pipes that are exposed to help prevent freezing. Keep the temperature of your home above 55˚. When the temperatures drop below freezing, open cabinet doors that contain pipes to help keep them warm.
  • Protect Drains and Disposals: While the winter months mean time with family, holiday cooking can also mean backed up sink drains. Avoid putting any cooking oils and grease down the drains, they are more likely to harden and create clogs when it is cold. Avoid putting any starchy, stringy, or fibrous foods down the garbage disposal. Things like celery, lettuce, and potato peels can get wrapped around the blade and clog the drain.

While taking these steps can help avoid a plumbing disaster, the best preventative step is to have your entire plumbing system checked for safety and function. HELP Club Members enjoy an annual plumbing safety inspection at no additional charge. Call the office today and find out why our clients love HELP!

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