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Archive for May 2018

3 Frequent Air Conditioning Refrigerant Leak Sites

Now that spring is here – and summer quick on its way – you should give some serious thought to an air conditioner tune-up. Those who fail to hire a professional to perform basic maintenance often end up dealing with expensive interruptions down the line. Many air conditioning problems come in the form of refrigerant…

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Mold Spores, Your HVAC System, and Your Home

You may know someone whose home has been overrun by excessive mold growth after a flood or a burst pipe. This type of mold growth often requires professional remediation and can be very dangerous. What is more common, however, is minor mold growth that goes largely unnoticed. As an average homeowner, it’s important for you…

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A Quick Home Safety Checklist to Complete Each Spring

Spring is the season when most people are focused on cleaning around the home, but as temperatures rise, it is also a great time to think about home safety. Complete the following six safety-related tasks each spring so your home will remain a safe, low-risk environment for you and your family.

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A Quick Guide to Whole-House and Portable Humidifiers

Low levels of humidity can dry out your skin, increase the spread of bacteria and viruses in the home, and make your house feel uncomfortably cold, especially in winter. Dry air can also absorb moisture from porous materials, resulting in extensive damage to your home. On average, humidity levels in your home should be maintained…

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