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Archive for February 2018

A Short Guide to Anode Rods in Water Heaters

Your tank-style water heater relies on an anode rod to keep working reliably. The anode rod screws into the top of the tank and protrudes into the water below. An anode rod measures up to 40 inches long, depending on the size of your appliance. Sacrificial anode rods should be replaced on a routine basis.…

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Which Type of Air Conditioner Is Right for You?

In states like Ohio, where summer temperatures can soar into the 80s, 90s, and above, having a functional air conditioning system is paramount to keeping you cool and comfortable. If you’re in the market for an air conditioner, you may have noticed that there are multiple types available. The type of air conditioning unit that…

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Is It Time for a New Air Conditioner? 6 Signs to Look For

Your air conditioner has worked flawlessly for the time you’ve had it, but it’s starting to show its age. Now you’re wondering if you should hold on to your A/C unit for a little while longer or finally invest in a new replacement. Pay attention to the following signs as you make your decision.

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