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Archive for April 2017

UV Germicidal Lights: Are They Worth Installing in Your Central Air Conditioner?

There are plenty of add-ons and upgrades you can make to your central air conditioner that can improve its performance, as well as your home’s overall comfort. Among these are UV germicidal lights, which offer a highly effective way of controlling the spread of mold, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms throughout your air conditioning unit.…

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Are Little Habits Slowly Sabotaging Your Home's Plumbing?

Most plumbing issues, like clogs and leaks, don’t just appear overnight. They slowly progress over time, though you only start to notice them once they become severe enough to cause noticeable symptoms. Often, homeowners’ bad habits contribute to the development of these plumbing issues. Are you engaging in any of these bad plumbing habits? If…

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3 Ways to CleanYour CentralHVAC System’s Evaporator Coil

If you’re wondering why your HVAC system isn’t working as well as it should, the problem may lie with a clogged evaporator coil. Located deep within the indoor cabinet of your central air conditioner or heat pump, the evaporator coil may become clogged with dust, dirt, and debris over time. Mold, mildew, and algae can…

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How to Deal With Ice Buildup on Your Air Conditioner

It’s scorching outdoors, but there’s a pretty thick layer of ice all over your air conditioner. So what gives? As it turns out, a frozen air conditioner is a relatively common occurrence, and there are plenty of reasons this can happen to your unit. But as cool as the buildup might seem, keeping your air…

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HVAC Maintenance Tips for First-Time Homeowners

HVAC maintenance can be a mystery for first-time homeowners. For people who are used to renting, taking care of a new home’s air conditioner and furnace can be intimidating. However, performing periodic maintenance on your air conditioner and furnace can help you take care of your new home and extend the service life of your…

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