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Archive for July 2016

6 Indicators of Hard Water in Your Home

Have you ever noticed how some water tastes different than others? Or that when you’re on vacation your hair seems to react differently to being washed even though you’re using the same exact products? Maybe your glasses never seem to regain that crystal-like clarity they once had no matter how many times you put them…

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Home Full of Hot Air? 8 Common Causes of A/C Inefficiency

Modern air conditioning allows homeowners to control the climate inside their homes, even when temperatures climb outdoors. But what about when your unit starts struggling? Most A/C problems have a common cause. In this blog, we list eight of those causes. 1. Blocked Filter Your filter or filters keep debris from entering your home through…

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How to Find the Right Furnace Filter

As a responsible homeowner, you know you have to change your furnace filter regularly. After all, your filter protects your blower fan and compressor from particles and debris that would otherwise damage your unit. But when you go to the local department store, you can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by the options. The…

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