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Archive for January 2012

Fixing Garbage Disposals

Of course the biggest problem you’ll encounter with your disposal is clogs. Here are a few tips and tricks for taking care of them. Most garbage disposals come with an Allen wrench to help clear them when clogged or jammed. If yours didn’t, or you’ve misplaced it, most Allen wrenches will work. But first, before…

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Best Maintenance Tips

According to InSinkErator, the company that created garbage disposals and still sells more of them than anyone else, your disposal should last about ten to twelve years. During that time you are sure to face your share of clogs or jams. You can help prevent some clogs, or lessen their impact, with good maintenance. Disposals…

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Naturally Unclog Drains

For sink, shower or bathtub drains, the clog is likely in the trap. Start by putting on rubber gloves, reaching into the drain and pulling out the offending mess. While this is not the most pleasant option, it could be the fastest answer to your bathroom plumbing problems. If you cannot remove the clog by…

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